Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Who Could Ask For Anything More?

The only thing better than hearing this (played so well), seeing the score, and seeing its graphic interpretation would be playing it myself. For my 60th birthday (which is in 9 1/2 years), I want to play this piece. Opus 60. Get it?

I'm not kidding either. I missed the boat on Opus 25 and 26, because I didn't play any of the requisite instruments.


Anonymous said...

A lovely posting. The MIDI "piano roll" representation above is interesting. The advert at the end mentions a web site which charges a pretty penny or twelve for its "royalty free" recordings. Given the state of truly free scores online, I think as early recordings become public domain there will be an earthquake in the music business, quite like the publishers' quandry today. I wish you great joy in playing this Brahms with your friends, and look forward to a posting sometime of your recording of it.

Crayons said...

Well zut alors. I know this piece, but my computer can't load the clip. I'll have to imagine it. I celebrate your plans for your 60th birthday. Very fitting and quite joyful.