Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Blogging Year in Review

Michael had a nifty idea for an end-of-the-year blog meme: take the last sentence of the last blog post from each month of 2009, and put them all together, one after another, in a blog post. Since the resulting blog post would be the last blog post for December of 2009, the last sentence would need to be repeated.

Here's my blogging year in review. It was a good one: both my 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary came at the end of a month.

After the piece was over, the announcer told me (and the rest of the listening audience) that the performance was by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Daniel Barenboim. He also has a whole gallery of odd violins, along with soundclips from the various fences he has played, and a bunch of videos. I'm hoping that someone reading this post will be able to "talk me down," tell me that I am wrong, and then assure me that there an increasing number of performances of music (orchestral, chamber music, and operas) written by women, both living and not living, out in the larger world.

So this 50th birthday present I have given to myself (and to share with whoever might be interested) of a piece for viola d'amore (another implausibility) marks the day, and celebrates the fact that with enough desire and enough hard work (one day at a time) it is possible to do what seems to be impossible. This article by Andrew Clark is well worth reading. You can download a PDF of the music here, if you want. Now I'll go and compare what I did to what Melissa did (if the recipe is up now). A lot has gone down these past 25 years, and in the process both of us have certainly grown up.

Easy-Ass Pie! They are playing a concert next week. They are playing a concert next week.

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Caroline said...

Kind of like a poem by Baudelaire...structured and lyric at the same time.