Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sign Hallelujah, come on get happy!

I laughed and laughed when I watched this performance (thanks to my friend Martha), but was disappointed to see that it is actually a movement-by-movement copy of this rendering from last year, and this one too. This one is from December 2007 (the music starts halfway through the video), and has some nifty creative twists, and this one from September of 2007 might be one of the first.

Does anyone know of an earlier performance? I wonder who had the original (brilliant) idea?


Anonymous said...

From the Congressional Budget Office's Monthly Budget Review (Nov 2009):

"The federal deficit rose as a share of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) from 3.1 percent in 2008 to 9.9 percent in 2009—the highest deficit as a share of GDP since 1945." page 1, CBO

Defense–Military increased by 7.1%. page 2, CBO

30,000 more troops in an escalation of the war in Iraq.

Sign Hallelujah, come on get happy? Really?

Elaine Fine said...

I don't see how your comment relates to this post.

I try not to let things I cannot control ruin my sense of humor. I don't see the point of bringing up something as off-point as excerpts from a congressional budget review on a post that shows high school kinds having fun.

There are many things in the non-musical world that are less than ideal. I have a list too.

Jim Moskowitz said...

Hi Elaine! I'm in search of exactly the same answer -- who originated this meme. I can tell you it's *way* older than 2007; the first example I've been able to find is from a 1989 Christmas pageant televised in Housto... (and fortunately uploaded to YouTube!

If you trace it to its ultimate origin, please let me know!

-Jim Moskowitz, jimmosk {at} yahoo {dot} com