Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Music

It isn't even Christmas yet, and I have played more Christmas music (in public that is) than I thought even possible, and there is still more to come. For me it all ends on Christmas day at the Hilltop Convalescent Center, with our family (it is always a pleasure to play there).

The commercial radio stations have Christmas music going all the time. I haven't spent too much time in stores, but when I go to one, there's yet another arrangement of yet another seasonal favorite. And then there's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," the most obstinate ear worm ever. Yes, it is a successful song (probably for that reason), but at times I feel that enough is simply enough.

For the past few years I entertained the idea of writing a Christmas song, but something always seems to stop me. Perhaps it is not wanting to add to the din, perhaps it is because of serious intimidation (so many of the most popular Christmas songs are simply really successful songs), or perhaps it is because there would be a certain element of insincerity in my endeavor, and insincerity is something that I try to avoid whenever possible.

Michael pointed me to this Op-Ed in the Times by Michael Feinstein which gives me a bit of courage.


Caroline said...

Hah, that's an interesting idea to write a new Christmas song. I have this false notion that they came with the birth of the planet. I don't really like any Christmas music written after "Silent Night," but I might like something that you will write.

Elaine Fine said...

Thanks Caroline. Your comment and this bit of tongue in offensive cheek journalism by a person I otherwise would find entertaining (to a point), might just inspire a Christmas song this coming week.