Friday, December 18, 2009

Music Appreciation: A Note to All Students

I'm probably not the music appreciation teacher you had this past semester. I probably don't know the music appreciation teacher you had during the past semester (or in semesters past), but I can tell you that I share his or her absolute joy in bringing people who have never had any real exposure to classical music to the point where they can evaluate performances, recognize eras, and sometimes even identify national styles. Some of you have learned some history and geography along the way, and some of you have made improvements in your ability to write. Some of you have learned that the internet has tremendous classical music resources (which is one reason you might be reading this blog).

You are now equipped to begin a life-long adventure exploring the world of music. After taking your music appreciation class you can never again say, "I don't know much about classical music." If you have been paying attention in class, you do know something about classical music. If you have been going to class and haven't been paying attention, you still know a lot more than your fellow students who have never even approached the shore of what is a great ocean. You have been in the water, and though you are probably not an Olympic champion, you now know how to swim.

Visit some of the blogs and sites on the sidebar. Seek out concerts in your community. Remember that tickets to a concert make a great (reasonably priced) gift, and going to a concert together is a great way to get to know somebody who interests you. There is nothing wrong with impressing your friends with what you know. And they will be impressed.

Now that you have (what some of you know shouldn't be called) classical music in your life, your life will never be quite the same again.

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