Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Ash Grove for Four Guitars

Here's my little homage to Haydn:

[If this doesn't play on a mobile device, you can listen here and use your imagination for the pictures of ash trees, and you can see the music here.]


Carl said...

Absolutely beautiful! But sounds much older than Haydn - maybe pre-Baroque?

Elaine Fine said...

It's not something in the style of Haydn, but more like a "what would Haydn do" kind of thing. The melody itself is ancient and Welsh, but its organization and variety that takes it from being a folk song to being a piece of music. I'm pretty proud of this, but I know that it wouldn't have come out the way it did if I hadn't been spending a little slice of every day for the past few weeks playing Haydn sonatas on the piano.