Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Michael

After being married for 29 years to the person the blogosphere knows as Mr. Orange Crate Art, I'm happy to say that we also keep one another entertained at home (i.e. in real life).

His glasses may be fogged, but mine are not. Life is great in our little house in our little town, and we are still very, very happy together.


Michael Leddy said...

Happy anniversary, Ms. Assumptions.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Awww! Many more happy years together, you two.

Berit said...

I read your blog only rarely; but thanks for sharing a darling pic and post to celebrate your anniversary.

I met my boyfriend 8 years ago this coming February via blogs (we each kept one), and so I have a soft spot for blogging couples. :)

Many happy returns to you two!

Carl said...

Congratulations to you and Michael! Sorry to be late - I was helping Marilyn in NY all week and could not log on.

Elaine Fine said...

Thank you all! Next year will be our "golden" anniversary: 30 years on the 30th!