Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marcel Tabuteau Interview

The last part of this video has an interview with Marcel Tabuteau. By demonstration he makes the case that musicianship has everything to do with personality, while stating that his method of teaching makes music into a disciplined intellectual activity rather than one of feelings (because there are days when you might not feel that good). Clearly his cup ran over with an abundance of both.

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James said...

Hi - so interesting! At one point the moderator volunteers the name of the hornist in the "Grands Vents" as "Bénard" or "Bernard" or some such name. By "Grand Vents" I assume M. Tabuteau means the "Société de Musique de Chambre pour Instruments à Vent". I cannot locate any horn player of the period in Paris with a similar-sounding name as Benard. The only name that sounds similar to what the moderator supplies is Auguste "Mesnard", a French bassoonist who was hired by Damrosch in 1905 along with Tabuteau.

Was Tabuteau just being accommodating? Or did he simply not recall, as he himself admitted?