Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sweetzels Spiced Wafers (really great ginger snaps) at Big Lots

I love a good ginger snap.

Our family found a box of these in Big Lots the other day, and the other night we decided to do a "taste test." Hands down, these were the best of all possible ginger snaps with a complicated flavor that stays with you, etching its way deep into your memory of all things Fall. Heated in the microwave for a very short while (we learned the hard way), they become soft and chewy like the greatest gingerbread.

It turns out that they are only made in Pennsylvania in the Fall. Perhaps they made too many this year, so we got a Winter's supply for $2.00 a box at our East-Central Illinois Big Lots. If they make it to a Big Lots near you, and you really appreciate a great ginger cookie, make sure to get more than one box!

You can read more about these Sweetzels Wafers here and see some better pictures.

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Caroline said...

Yes! That's my favorite cookie, even beyond Oreos. A taste test sounds like lots of fun. I may drive down to Illinois just to find that store.