Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dussek's Tribute to Marie Antoinette

The piece is also know as "Le mort de Marie Antoinette" or "Le tableau Marie Antoinette." Marie Antoinette was a pianist from Vienna who had the bad luck to marry into the French royal family at the wrong time. The program for this piece is taken from the information on YouTube (so you can listen from here without missing any vital programmatic information).

The wigged pianist is Richard Pohl.

The Queen's Imprisonment (Largo)
She reflects on her former greatness (Maestosamente; doloroso)
They separate her from her children (Agitato Assai)
The Farewell of her children (Andante)
They pronounce the sentence of death (Allegro con furio)
Her resignation to her fate (Allegro Innocente)
The situation and reflections the night before her execution (Andante agitato)
The Guards come to conduct her to the place of Execution
They enter the Prison door March (Lento)
The savage tumult of the rabble (Presto Furioso)
The Queens invocation to the Almighty just before her death (Molto Adagio Devotamente)
The Guillotine drops (yes, at the point of the keyboard-wide glissando)
The Apotheosis (Allegro Maestoso)

By the way, it seems that she never did say, "let them eat cake."

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