Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Kitchen, Julia Child's Kitchen

What a thrill to watch tapes of the first French Chef shows and see that they could easily have taken place in our kitchen. We even had a brown GE oven (circa 1959) like that one until about two years ago.

For the proper musical ambiance, listen to the show's first theme song which starts about 17 seconds in. WGBH obviously modernized her kitchen by the time she made the egg show, and eventually they changed theme songs when they went to color. The music starts at about 29 seconds.

And now you can watch Julia Child playing around with editing a videotape of an orchestral concert:


Michael Leddy said...

Do you think this finally explains the TV cameras that we found in the garage?

Fredrik said...

Hi, Elaine! Your blog got a mention, and a link, on the homepage of Sweden's National Radio Broadcast Association. See:

...unless the page changes address.