Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photos of Amanda Maier

Thanks to André and Frederik, our blog-reading friends in Sweden, we now have a motherlode of photos of Amanda Maier to supplement this earlier post about her, and a huge thanks to Amanda Maier's great grandson Fridtjof Thiadens for identifying the other people in the photographs.

(There's sure to be some kind of a story behind this one.)

(Amanda with violin, the soprano Louise Pyk standing, the pianist Augusta Kiellander at the piano, and Amanda's father Carl Edvard Maier standing.

(These people were probably Swedish relatives or friends. Amanda's mother was the youngest daughter of Anders Nillson Sjöbeck, blacksmith of the village Tirup near Landskrona. All Sjöbeck's were blacksmiths, farriers, veterinarians and served in times of war in the South Skaane cavalry- and dragoon regiments since the 16the century.)

This portrait must be of Amanda Maier with her soon-to-be husband Julius Röntgen. Here's another photo of him.

(Amanda was already Ill here.)


Rachel said...

Re: The 7th picture down (I think)

Is that really her hand position and bow hold, do you think?

Elaine Fine said...

Maybe the photographer asked her to keep her arm down in order to get the whole violin as well as her whole body in the picture.

I don't think a bow hold like that would produce much in the way of sound. She seems to be resting the bow on the A and D strings while her arm is at the level where it could only play the E string!

Kurdistan said...

i love the old pics its always beautiful

Rachel said...

Yeah, I think you're right, Mom. Her bowhold in the picture reminds me a little of Ben's!

Anonymous said...

This is great.
I just found out that I’m related to her on her mother’s side. I’m getting married in June and hade the thought of “using” some of her music in the church during the wedding.
Take care!
Magnus Andersson

Elaine Fine said...

How wonderful!