Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Strings Around the World

I'm excited to report that the Hillel Academy summer string program in Jamaica, run by Dr. Lisa Walker, will be working on some of my string orchestra arrangements. Here's a photo of the group:

The Child's Play Foundation in India, directed by Dr. Luis Dias, also uses my arrangements. These is a photo of some of the string players at the Hamara School in India.

ArCoNet in North Wales Pennsylvania:

If you have an ensemble that uses the arrangements that I share in my Dropbox folder, please leave a comment here, or send me a picture by e-mail, and I'll post it here. Recordings are also welcome. If you would like to have (free) access to my arrangements, please send me an e-mail message and I will send you a link through Dropbox.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,
It is indeed a small world. Two of my former students (now at Oberlin- Josie and Sophie Davis) just returned from India in January, where they were involved in teaching in The Child's Play Foundation.

I received wonderful pictures, and am tickled to think that perhaps they might have used some of your compositions!


Anonymous said...

Musicians sometimes feel they do not make quite the ripple in the world that they do. Witness your earlier post about not hearing about all your performances, to which I responded. Dear Ms. Fine, you make a difference, it is plain, and yet the cycle of ups and downs plays out in emotion from time to time, i.e. your worries about a "personal" rather than musical relationship, in a previous post. But, dear Lady, this post proves the parallel to charitable giving, called tzedakah or any other term one chooses. Your relationship to these young string players around the world is indeed musical, and rewarding too. More to my point, it is wholly musical, much in the same way as Haydn is touching your life right this year. You won't know Haydn personally, and these youngsters won't know you. Isn't that how art works, really? Musical assumptions, the title of your blog, speaks volumes. Speak more. Compose more. Play more. Best wishes.

Elaine Fine said...

Such a wonderful coincidence, Gilda, and thank you again, Anonymous wise person. I feel encouraged to carry on and work, which is really what matters most.