Saturday, June 07, 2014

Gingold Talks about Technique in Violin Playing

Josef Gingold is brilliant. You can hear segments from his whole interview with Kim Markel.


Gilda Joffe said...

Hi Elaine,
I chanced upon your blog today while idly googling Beaupre. I'm not even sure why I was doing that, but that is how I chanced upon your blog.I went to Beaupre around ''71, "72 as a dancer of sorts, but ended up as a professional violinist. I so thoroughly resonate with so many things that you have said, and very much enjoy your writings. I don't do Facebook, but thought that I would pass along my appreciation to you on this summer day in Maine.

Elaine Fine said...

How wonderful to hear from you, Gilda. I remember you so well! I remember coming across your name at Juilliard (I think you were coming in as I was leaving) and always wished I could have "re-met" you then.