Saturday, June 07, 2014

Redefining is Relative

Yesterday I happened across Lynn M. Hooker's Redefining Hungarian Music from Liszt to Bartok, a new publication from Oxford University Press. I was very excited to read what Hooker had to say about László Lajtha, but I found that he wasn't mentioned anywhere! The book is from 2013, and there are entries about Lajtha on the internet that date from 2007, including this Wikipedia article.

I didn't know anything about Lajtha until earlier this week, but I'm not a musicologist, and I know only a little bit about Hungarian music. I tried searching through the book through Google Books, and then I tried the "search all books" feature. What came up surprised me. This entry is part of a book put together ten or twelve years ago by some of my American Record Guide colleagues (I have a bunch of entries in the book as well). Most of the contributors to the book are not musicologists, but they are people who spend a great deal of time listening to music and writing about it.

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