Friday, October 18, 2013

Haydn Piano Sonatas

In my quest to learn more about the piano, more about music, and more about Haydn, I have almost completed my first run through the 43 Haydn Piano Sonatas in my four-volume Peters Edition set. I usually limit myself to a movement or two, but today I played through the whole C major Sonata, Hoboken 16/50, because I found it so fascinating, so beautiful, and so much fun to play. My intuition tells me that Schubert probably loved this sonata too.

Here it is played (at the proper tempo) by Brendel:

My daily Haydn has become my refuge. I think that after tomorrow I'll just go back to volume one and start again.


wapolo said...

Wow, that's quite an accomplishment! How long did it take you to go through all 43 sonatas?


Elaine said...

It took a long time! I started at the very end of August. This next time through I might be able to play the faster movements a little bit closer to tempo.

David Wolfson said...

Haydn sonatas have been my daily post-surgical since I was okayed to touch a piano again. I have always loved them!