Monday, October 01, 2012

The United States of Alec

If you have 56 minutes, it would be really worth your while to watch this video made by Bill Moyers. If you don't have time to watch, take a look at the transcript.

I hate to use this space for things political, but with the privatization and "monetization" of everything, music and those of us who play it and write it (as well as those of us who listen to it) will have our lives changed drastically if this kind of thing continues. And the "beauty" of this widespread scheme is that it's all legal. Before our very eyes we have a "not-for-profit" institution that calls itself "educational" (so it doesn't pay taxes) doing the work that lobbyists are not allowed to do under the law.

Please watch this, and then share it with people you care about. I hate to go all negative here, but this is really SCARY, and really WRONG. This sort of thing should not happen in a democracy.

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