Thursday, October 11, 2012

If Only Central Illinois Were More Like Amsterdam!


Unknown said...

What, it isn't just like this where you live, Elaine? LOL.
But a fun video, and she is such a brilliant player. Pretty sure the whole thing, including the audience, is staged to appear "spontaneous"...and I doubt very much it is. Judging from her other internet offerings, she is quite a savvy marketer!

Elaine Fine said...

If I were to go into Wal-mart, which, thanks to smaller businesses not being able to survive in my small town, is the place where most people meet and greet, the reaction people would have being invited to a house concert would be totally different. Nobody would be interested. Even if the concert were to take place in aisle three.

If it were a free and spontaneous car race, people would drop their groceries and sundry merchandise, and zoom to the speedway.

Of course the "players" in this video must have known they were being filmed (it is pretty hard to ignore a camera). It is a wonderful fantasy, though. And I love the Handel.

Alyce said...

I grew up in Illinois, went to school at WIU in Macomb (sang with Bob Hills) and lived in Champaign before beginning a long series of moves around the country and world. But! I am now in St. Paul, Minnesota and maybe you should come here? House music is no problem; we even get together for wine and folk songs in the yard come summer. Well, Minnesota IS the land of 10,000 choirs. (I direct only one out of the 10K.)And I ADORE Handel. Did I say the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra performs five minutes from my house??! Lovely video/thanks.