Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Violin and Piano Piece

I have always loved the Ave Maria that Charles Gounod wrote as an obbligato above J.S. Bach's C-major Prelude, BWV 846, from the Well-Tempered Klavier, so I fashioned my own obbligato atop another Bach Prelude, the Prelude BWV 999 in C minor.

I just put a pdf of the music (that you can download, if you want) as well as half computer-generated audio recording of the resulting piece, which I call Cloud 999, on my American Music Center page. (The violinist is not computer-generated: its me.)

New Update: The first Mp3 is blank (it was a totally computer-generated recording that I have now removed), so make sure to click on the second one.


Chip said...

I am curious. It sounds very like a midi recording... Is that an attempt to save space on the upload/download?

It's a lovely piece, but I would like to have heard it with a little better quality violin sound, particularly from a violinist...

Elaine Fine said...

Yes, it is a MIDI recording. I played it as an encore for my recital two weeks ago, but there were a couple of out of tune notes that I could not bear to expose to the ears of those not near and dear to me. I will try to make a better recording of it, and post that, since I am my own in-house violinist!

Of course I would gladly post readings of it by other violinists! Anyone game?

Anonymous said...

Very nice--I'd like to hear it on violin. I'm reminded less of Gounod than of Bach's own habit, in the cantatas, of having one chorus section (usually the sopranos) singing a cantus firmus in long note values while the other three do fugal writing in short note values and the orchestra is doing a concerto grosso. Try for instance the first movement of BWV 61, "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland."