Saturday, March 10, 2007

More on the Audience for Classical Music

. . . I finally figured out that it's not about being knocked out of my chair, it's about being able to aurally go up to the music and engage it actively, openly, maybe even foolishly. The more that classical music borrows from popular music, the more the artistic content is skewed in a pop direction: towards sensation and away from contemplation, and more crucially, towards expectation and away from exploration. The most important music is the music we don't yet know that we want. Structuring the presentation along popular lines makes it that much more unlikely that we'll ever find it.
This is an excerpt from a post at Matthew Guerrieri's Soho the Dog blog that comments on the current discussion going on at the Arts Journal about the future of classical music and its audience.

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Music_Lover said...

The excerpt you’ve posted is really cool. Nowadays, music that we usually hear everyday seems to be a revival of the old ones. Only a few gives a newer version and an original piece. That’s why sometimes, if you hear a classical type of music, you consider it as totally unique and will relate to it if you really love the harmony. It’s basically the choice of an individual to what he thinks is the best music for him.