Friday, March 23, 2007

Quiz Answers

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Michael Monroe said...

SPOILER ALERT! I've got to admit I didn't see where they were going with #10; that certainly shows a different perspective on history, but obviously the meaning of 'modern' changes with time. Still, someone needs to let this person know that Bach did not invent equal temperament, even if he once was the unofficial FOMM. As for the other questions, I know a lot of hymns, but not the 'very famous one' of #4. Nor was I able to answer #6. #2 is oddly phrased; I got Cole Porter right, but I guessed "The Whiffenpoof Song" which is possibly less wrong than the answer provided. So, I didn't do very well, but at least I knew about the lost chord.

Elaine Fine said...

I like the fact that this quiz is nearly google-proof. I couldn't get #6 either. Maybe we need a revival of that Deems Taylor opera. I looked it up here and found that it only had 14 performances in 1927.

(Then again, maybe we don't.)