Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New York Philharmonic Marked Parts!

Need help figuring out bowings of fingerings? The New York Philharmonic's Digital Archive has photographs of parts that you can view through their digital viewer. It is the same thing that you would see if you were to go to the archive and look at the physical parts. But you don't have to go to New York to do so.

Say you want to find the first violin part for Brahms Fourth Symphony. Just fill in the name of the piece, and you'll find the markings from a whole section of New York Philharmonic violinists (one part after another).


But if you are not necessarily interested in violin fingerings, there's more to explore in the "parts" part of the archive. For example, the title of the first stand viola part shows some viola humor, and the innards of the viola parts are filled with marginalia and quotes from conductors.

Go forth and explore!

Did I mention that there are marked scores as well?

UPDATE: While exploring further in the archive, I have noticed that parts used by (and owned by) Leonard Bernstein are always clean. Since the violist who marked the above parts did some of his/her best marking work while playing under Kurt Masur, I did a search for Masur and parts. At this point it is pretty clear to me that there was a librarian who allowed this violist's quotations from conductors to stay in the part (marks in the music are often erased after being used).

I found a pretty rich Beethoven 5th viola part to share. If you find parts with markings that have been preserved for posterity by this very kind librarian, please leave links in the comments!

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