Friday, May 13, 2016

Ruskay's Postcard

A few years ago I made this post about Ruskay's, the iconic restaurant on Columbus Avenue, where I used to spend my Monday nights playing solo flute music.

I finally found my cherished copy of the postcard that the owners used to give to favored guests. The name of the restaurant is not identified, but the photographer, Alan McCord, is. I hope that this post finds its way to people who remember Ruskay's.


Anonymous said...

I worked there and I remember the AMAZING window displays. One time they filled it with sacks and sacks of rice and green cut bamboo. Another time they made a forest of oak leaves and pink long stem roses in wine buckets. I worked bakery, I worked prep, I worked the line at brunch and made more porkburgers and broiled lobster than I can count (good brownies, too).We worked prep in a basement kitchen one level down. We ate breakfast and drank after shift on your balcony. I was one of the very first women in professional kitchens and bakeries, late 1970's. I was blessed to be there, with all the celebrities who came in all night long and locals. I worked for the owners at the Empire, too.

jz said...

I was a regular at Ruskay's. My friends and I would meet every day and sit out front. It was the first outdoor cafe on Columbus Ave. I loved it. The food was great, the decor very cool and the people who worked there extremely interesting. One of the many wait people who went on to success in the years following, is Michael Patrick King who went on to write, direct and produce Sex in the City! He was such a great guy.

I opened a shop at 71st and Columbus in 1977, when Columbus was really starting to happen. I really miss those days. Definitely not the age of innocence. I loved being part of it. Memories flow back every time I think of it. I'm so happy to have found this blog and to be able to shmooze with others who can relate.

Unknown said...

I remember going there in 1977 - I was already a fan of the chili sundaes and black table tops at the Empire Diner. As I remember the tables were mirrors? With candles - silver or crystal? The design/decor was transformative. And I'd heard the original SNL cast would go there, so I was thrilled to be breathing the same air. I had no idea it had just opened in 1976. Those were my favorite night places (I would go there after performing) in the city.