Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marshall Fine's Tango in a Time of War and his Train Ride

A friend in Memphis is uploading my brother Marshall's manuscripts into the IMSLP, and his most recent addition is an orchestral piece that Marshall wrote for the IRIS Chamber Orchestra in 2002. As we prepare for a family memorial service in Newton, Mass this coming Friday (St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Walnut Street in Newton Highlands at 4:30) it seems appropriate to let people who read this blog know that this music, which is in the public domain, is available for anyone to play. Michael Stern conducted the first (and only) performance of the piece, and I can email the recording from it for anyone interested in hearing it.

Rather than putting a page of score here, I include a couple of excerpts from the first violin part. Marshall's hand, as you can see, is clear and crisp. The piece is too.

You can get the score and all the parts here.

Another manuscript that violinists might find interesting (and challenging) is Marshall's Train Ride for solo violin. I think I'll take out my violin and give it a try right now!


Jonny Kobrus said...

I'm really interested in play Tango in Time of War but I can't find a recording of it anywhere, does anyone have any ideas of where I could find one?

Elaine Fine said...

Hi Jonny,

Nobody has recorded the piece yet. Hopefully someone will at some time. Thanks for your interest in my brother' s music.

Ce said...

I was trying to find a recording of his Milonga para Salina, the score of which I just discovered on IMSLP. Is there one? Thank you.

Elaine Fine said...

It hasn't yet been recorded. Hopefully someone would record a performance and upload it to the IMSLP.