Friday, January 24, 2014

Thank You Andy Doe

Slate now has an (uninformed and shallow) article about the death rattle of Classical Music. I'm not linking to it because you can get so much more out of reading Andy Doe's response to it over at Proper Discord.

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Anonymous said...

It is worth noting that the measures used by the silly Slate article are 1) materialistic, and therefore utterly capitalist on the one hand, and 2) populist on the other. The pretense of the "modern" art critic has become a matter of cognitive dissonance used merely in service to gain attention. A perfect example was the "young" Boulez saying old music should be destroyed and the "old" Boulez realizing the "young" Boulez was referring to him. Bach et al will be around for the next centuries as they have been for the past, while every pipsqueak and popsqueak Justin Bieber will be a ho-hum barnacle on the history of musical drivel. Judging by the more than 600 comments, Slate has once again proven itself shallow. Hurray that someone is playing a classical concert in your corner of the woods! Vanhoenacker probably couldn't read the score much less know it.