Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Last Roses of Summer

It doesn't seem that long ago that playing Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst's "Last Rose of Summer," the sixth of his Polyphonic Studies, was something rare for a violinist to be able to do, particularly in public. I'm showing my preference for this interpretation by the young and new-on-the-scene Josef Spacek in this post, but you are welcome to weigh in with your thoughts!

Here are performances by Hilary Hahn, and Mateja Marinlovic (it's very good, but difficult to listen to because of the recording equipment). Also, for your amusement, here are Gidon Kremer, Midori, Ricci, Julian Sitkovetsky, and for those who like their virtuoso fiddle players really young, the 12-year-old Maxim Vengerov .

If you want a look at the music, you can see it here.

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