Friday, August 09, 2013

The Curse of Eve

I am by no means a biblical scholar, but I know for certain that the writers of Genesis knew nothing about middle-aged women (i.e. women who have achieved the age of wisdom that follows the child-bearing years), or they would have indicated that Eve's real punishment for having eaten the apple when she was young was to have hot flashes.

This punishment is compounded by observations I have made (in my laboratory on the right side of the sofa): drinking a glass of wine before going to bed increases the chance that I will have a hot flash before falling asleep, and having hot tea (which I like to drink by the pot) is a sure-fire (oy, that pun just came out) trigger for a hot flash.

For readers who are male, just imagine having eight or nine (or more) panic attacks every day that cause your heart to beat very quickly, and cause you to sweat profusely for indeterminate amounts of time at random intervals for no reason whatsoever (aside from your age and the chemical components of your gender).

I think that the above image does justice to the experience of having a hot flash, but minus the apple.

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