Friday, July 19, 2013

My Music from Seesaw is Finally Available in the Subito Online Store

In 2003 Raoul Ronson, the owner of Seesaw Music, offered to publish my music. It was an arrangement that worked out well for both of us because he liked what I wrote, and he worked diligently to promote it. He was happy, and I was productive. After Raoul's death in 2005, his vast inventory was absorbed by Subito Music, and somehow in the infancy of web-based commerce, much of my music didn't make it onto their website. I had it listed in my on-line thematic catalog, (that link goes to the Seesaw Pieces that are housed at Subito) but aside from using the copies that Raoul sold to libraries, there wasn't any way that anyone could play the 30 pieces that slipped through the data-based cracks.

I waited patiently, assuming that the problem was something that would correct itself with time.

That time has come, and you can see it all here.

I spent much of today and some of yesterday pasting direct links into my thematic catalog, so I guess I am now engaging in a bit of e-commerce. Or I guess I hope to be.

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