Saturday, April 07, 2012

More Adventures in Noligraphy

This picture, taken from the final frames of the above video, shows that the artist made a cloth-wrapped extension for his Noligraph.

[Perhaps, giving a nod to the title of this video, "Geigenstrich," might be a good name for the home-made model, which could, actually (and by extension--I couldn't resist), use full-length refills.]


Susan Scheid said...

I am aware this will be completely irrelevant to this post (though I do love this little tool, though I have no reason to use it!). Here's what I must pass on: we went to a chamber concert at the Met Museum a week ago or so. What drew me was Tailleferre. The concert drew upon the exhibit "The Steins Collect," so the music was from a time and place that connected with that. The music was really lovely, with the exception of one piece--which I know they felt they must include because of the association with Gertrude Stein. What was it? Virgil Thompson! Not any good at all. No wonder he had to drive Bauer out. She had him beat from square one.

Elaine Fine said...

Tailleferre is a wonderful composer. I'm glad you got to meet her music (and I'm glad people are playing it in New York these days). Now that he no longer has influence (mainly because he is no longer alive) his contemporaries, particularly those he bashed, reveal how much better most of them were at their craft than he was at his.