Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eine Kleine Augenmusik by Telemann

Earlier this afternoon, my friend Nina introduced me to Telemann's musical impressions (in the form of violin duets) of Johathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels.

The jokes above are obvious, but this one, with the unfamiliar noun "Aufweckern," has me stumped.

You can download the music here, and you can listen to a recording here.


Anonymous said...

The reverie of the Lilliputians is disturbed by their wake-up call. In that time a good rap on the door sufficed, if not the crow of the cock in the countryside. The first measure indicates reverie and disturbing "get up" and the repetitions indicate how hard it is to get the wee ones up in the morning -- but then you must have experienced that for having children. I think G. Ph. was telling something about his being awakened in the morning....

Elaine Fine said...

Thank you!