Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wonderful Time to be a Musician

DICK GORDON: [it] must have been such a wonderful time to be a talented musician in New York.

FRANK GLAZER: . . . It’s a wonderful time to be a musician any time.
What a treat it was to hear this interview with the 97-year-old pianist Frank Glazer.

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Susan Scheid said...

I may not have got these down just right--a whole transcript of this interview would be a delight to have, in fact. But, anyway, here I go:


Of his book: I didn’t want to put it out too soon, I thought I might have another idea.

Of his concert plans: If I make it to 100, 8 programs of all the Bach Preludes and Fugues and all the Chopin Mazurkas.

Of life and death: On planet earth we do our bit, and that’s it.


He's already done his bit triple time, but then that's the beauty of it. He'll continue on, loving what he does, until the time comes.

Great discovery, and thanks for passing it on.