Sunday, March 11, 2012

Midnight in Venice

It is interesting to compare these two pieces:

Antonio Lauro's Vals Venezolano #2

Stephane Wrembel's Bistro Fada


Susan Scheid said...

Now, beyond the obvious (waltz beat, guitar solo), I haven't the musical knowledge to really tell, but they sound as if they're based on the same chord progressions, with phrases that could be variations on the same theme. Am I close or way off base?

Elaine Fine said...

You're right on all counts!

Susan Scheid said...

Well what do you know! That was fun. Now, as to your next post, I suspect this is the one you'd indicated you were brewing on. There's certainly a rich trove of thoughts there to contemplate. I've printed it out to brew on a bit myself, but shall return with some thoughts.