Saturday, November 19, 2011

"The Hand Somehow Has a Mind of its Own"

Sol Schwartz has been drawing pictures of musicians at Tanglewood for decades. A friend gave me a copy of his Drawing Music a few years ago because there is a portrait of my father on the page with the text "BSO Members: Each a soloist in their own right, makes this one of the world's great orchestras" (the pages aren't numbered).

Anyway, here's the artist talking about his work:

For people close to the Berkshires, an exhibit of his work at the Norman Rockwell Museum has been extended, and will be open until November 28.


Sarah said...

I've always meant to tell you this: I grew up in Massachusetts, in a small town west of Boston. Not much going on there in the arts, but I am grateful to my mother for recognizing how important music was to me, and for finding opportunities for me to listen and learn. Though we had almost no money to spare, she found the few dollars to pay for me to participate in bus trips to hear the BSO's programs for young people, given on Saturdays at Symphony Hall. This was probably around 1970. Surely your father was among the wonderful players on stage.... I remember Harry Ellis Dickson conducting, and at least one program where Joseph Silverstein played. The beautiful hall seemed so elegant I had never heard a symphony orchestra in a live performance before - I couldn't believe my ears. I was transfixed and delighted and altogether changed.

Elaine Fine said...

Since my father was a BSO principal, he rarely played for the Young People's Concerts, unless he appeared as a soloist.

Which town did you grow up in? I grew up in Newton Highlands.