Sunday, August 14, 2011

Procrastination Par Excellence

I have never been one to procrastinate, but the situation is extreme, and after writing this blog post I will be getting down to work. The work at hand is writing program notes for a concert of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and his Egmont Overture. Of course I have done a bunch of reading (score and otherwise), but I haven't actually written anything.

To make matters just a little extreme, I have been spending the weekend alone. Michael is returning tonight from driving Ben to Boston, and in his absence I have put off working on my program notes by keeping myself really busy. The empty nest has to be feathered as well as a full one. Here's how I spent yesterday and today:

1. I powerwashed the deck
2. I cut down weeds
3. I powerwashed the house
4. I painted the house numbers
5. I painted the mailbox
6. I organized two closets
7. I washed the floors
8. I cleaned the bathrooms
9. I vacuumed the carpets
10. I cleaned the kitchen
11. I finished my syllabus for the fall semester
12. I wrote three CD reviews
13. I wrote three blog posts

I guess I'll wait to make muffins until after I finish writing my notes.


Lisa Hirsch said...

I wish my procrastination were that productive!

Congrats to you and Michael on successfully launching Ben; you must be so proud, and at the same time it's sad to have him heading off. Where's he going to school? Lot of excellent schools in Boston. :)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ooooh, very cool - and I should have known, I feel, after years of reading Musical Assumptions!

Susan Scheid said...

Very funny post! While I understand procrastinating all too well, I can tell you I would not amass a list of tasks anything like what you've done here.