Thursday, June 23, 2011

Le mystère Picasso, La musique by Auric

Georges Auric's music for Henri-Georges Clouzot's Le mystère Picasso, a film that consists solely of images made in real time by Picasso and photographed mostly from the verso side of his painting surface, is a bit austere, but the process and evolution of Picasso's images show a great deal about the artistic process. His process involves the same kind of spontaneous think and rethink that is involved in musical composition.

Here's another clip from the film. I prefer the sound of just the pen on the paper, and the voices of Picasso and Clouzot. There's high drama here: they have a finite amount of film, which means that Picasso has to finish the transformation of his fish into a chicken, and then into a creepy shadow-cat in a very short time.

Michael and I have been enjoying a Clouzot festival at our house, and he's been writing posts and taking screenshots.

Quai des Orfèvres
Le Corbeau
Le salaire de la peur [The wages of fear]
Les Diaboliques

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