Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fred Steiner

A.C. Douglas wrote a post today about the recent death of Fred Steiner, the composer who wrote the theme music for Perry Mason. I actually watch Perry Mason (it's on the TV at 1:00 every weekday) mainly for the music. It inspires me. Steiner also wrote a lot of other great TV and film music, and was the the musical fire behind the success of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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Anonymous said...

My bi-monthly visit.... I'm just not blogging that much. Anyway, every time I visit your blog I learn something really interesting. I would never have linked the music of Perry Mason with that of Rocky & Bullwinkle! I really like the way you wrote short and readable posts.

Joe Barron said...

Thanks for this. I had not even known the name Fred Steiner, and yet I was of course familiar with both Perry Mason (one of the great TV themes) and have long been a fan of R&B.