Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whither Intelligent Film Music Commentary

I'm glad that I finished my breakfast by the time I heard this segment of Weekend Edition on the radio.
His budget here allowed for a full-sized orchestra, and Powell knows how to use it.
[Full orchestra plays unison passage]
He's something of a fearless orchestrator, as well: In one spot, he combines a penny whistle and dulcimer
[Full orchestra plays celtic-ish film music]
At its core, this film is a romantic adventure, and in John Powell, the directors found a composer who could convincingly deliver a grandly heroic theme.
[How novel!]
You have to love Desplat's sinewy melodies. This music was recorded at EMI's Abbey Road studios, where they found and used three vintage microphones owned by the British royal family.

Who writes this stuff?

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