Monday, February 14, 2011

Brandenburg 2 with Sopranino Recorder

Here are two joyous performances of the last movement of Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto. Michala Petri uses an alto recorder, as is the general custom. After substantial applause, the ensemble plays the last movement again, but this time Petri uses a sopranino recorder.

The rest of the soloists are violinist Giuliano Carmignola, trumpet player Reinhold Friedrich, and oboist Lucas Macias Navarro. Claudio Abbado conducts the Mozart Orchestra Bologna, and makes a great case for playing Bach with modern instruments.

. . . and check out this Brandenburg 3!


marjorie Kransberg-Talvi said...

I just finished listening to Brandenburg 3. This is my all time favorite performance, and I'm picky, picky, picky.

It's so going on my facebook page...

canoetoo said...

This is thrilling music making. I'm always amazed at how (after more than fifty years), I can still be totally swept away by this music by Bach.