Friday, September 24, 2010

Nuts and Cracked: How Far From Ballet Can You Get?

My son Ben found this during his routine movie-preview watching, and I just have to share it here:

Clara is changed to Mary, the Nutcracker has essentially become Pinnochio, and, because the story is set in Vienna, there seems to be an appearance (according to the cast list) by Freud's twin nieces. Freud did actually have two nieces: Lucie Freud 1926-1933, and Margarethe Freud 1915-1931, but they weren't twins by any stretch of the imagination. There is also an appearance by a character named "Goebbels," who may or may not be based on Joseph Goebbels of Nazi propaganda fame. I don't see any dancing or sugar plum fairies, but there are a lot of stunt people, and visual-effects people.

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