Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fanfare for Hypothetical Orchestra

The idea of having this four-minute piece for orchestra actually played by a full symphony orchestra (with two sets of timpani, no less) is so terribly remote that, after a year or so of work on it (on and off, of course) I have resigned my performance ambitions to the "faux"-chestra (sorry for the lapses in fidelity that I have no idea how to control electronically). Reality is sad, I know. Pathetic even. But I'm happy I can at least share something of this piece here (I am rather proud of it). (If you are reading in a reader, you'll have to click through to the post to access the player.)

I am so resigned to the realities of the musical world that I haven't made parts. Still, I would be happy to make a set of parts and send it to anyone interested in playing this piece.


David Wolfson said...

Elaine, that's a thoroughly charming piece, even hypothetically.

Two thoughts: one, there has to be a way to at least get a reading of it. Colleges, high schools, community orchestras?

Second, I don't know what you used to make that recording, but you can get a much better computer-generated performance than that with today's software. Might be worth the investment...

Elaine Fine said...

Thanks David!

I would be thrilled to have some interest from a college, high school, or community orchestra, but out here in the trenches of the rural Midwest the possibilities have proven to be slimmer than I imagined. I have kind of reached my hope threshold of things promised that have never come to pass.

Perhaps that is why I have written so little for full orchestra.