Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UC Bjoerling?

I never met Roger Lebow, but I knew his mother, Marcia Lebow, very well when I lived in Boston, so I knew a great deal about him. You can imagine! I also followed his son Theo's career, by way of Marcia, from diapers to child stardom.

Anyway, today I came across his name (and a video of a celebration of his 60th birthday) on Mixed Meters. A look at his biography (see the above link), shows that the apple did indeed not fall from the tree of family humor. Incidentally, I first met Marcia when she was 61. With measurements like these, times does indeed fly.

Perhaps the Bjoerling joke is an old one, but it was new to me.

UPDATE: Marcia Lebow's Obituary in the L.A. Times

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