Sunday, July 05, 2009

Muslim Magomov

Otherwise known as Муслим Магомаев, this Baritone from Azerbaijan is simply remarkable. I don't understand much Russian, but I believe every single word he sings. His voice has such flexibility and such an array of colors. It was difficult for me to decide which recording to put here: they are all great, and some are truly outrageous. You need to wait for a while before he makes it over to the piano, but it is indeed worth the wait. After you hear this one, paste the Russian spelling of his name (above) into YouTube, and enjoy your day in style. How is it that I have never heard of this man before? And how did I find him anyway? Must be fate.

He also has a personal website, which is well worth exploring. I particularly like the "hobby" section.

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Crayons said...

Wow, thanks for introducing me to his work. How fabulous to have found an old video. The show reminds me of the TV shows that occur in Turkey every day. Musicians come and chat and play and make people cry and then chat again. Thanks for this.