Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Peter Principle at Play

Day two with the cello has proven to me that my arms are indeed too short to play the instrument. I gave it a healthy try, but I fear that compensating for my shortcomings might mess up my hands and arms. I don't want to progress from healthy to unhealthy, adding injury to musical insult.

I suppose that this is an example of narrowly avoiding the Peter Principle at musical play. I think I'm better off sticking with instruments better suited to my stature. I'll leave the bass lines to people who can reach them, like Lucy, who is built like a cellist. She appears with cello in hand after about 3 minutes in this video.

You can read about the sad fate of the cello she used in the comments of this Pepito and Joanne blog post.

You can also watch the whole 1951 pilot episode that the clips come from.

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Melani Motzkus Carty said...

Thank you for mentioning my website, and Pepito the Clown's connection to Lucille Ball, in your blog. I am providing a new link to the webpage you cited, because the link above is out of date. The blog entry, titled "Lucy Cello in Jamestown, NY (2005)" with a new photo of the display case, is located at

Melani Carty