Monday, April 13, 2009

Musical Motions: Air Bowing

It astounds me when I see this violinist's "choreographic" approach to violin playing. It reminds me that violin playing is physical in many different ways. I tend to think of it as something more aural and tactile. I get my physical-musical jollies when I hear the instrument vibrate under my ear, and feel the strings, bow, and fingerboard. I don't think I could even "air bow" to a recording.

This unnamed four-year-old seems to me like a natural-born fiddle player. Notice her beautiful bow arm, even without the bow. Her uncle has made and shared a chronicle of her progress from the beginning. It is rather inspiring (and even a little intimidating) to watch. With luck (because a lot of success in music depends on luck, as well as winning competitions) we might get to know her name as a soloist in the near (or not so near: she is still very young) future.

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