Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quartetto d'Amore

Just in time to make arrangements for a musical Valentine's day, this Quartetto d'Amore for flute, violin, cello and instrument d'amore (oboe d'amore or viola d'amore) might be just the thing for an intimate musical get together with rare or not-so-rare instruments and their players. You'll find a score and a bunch of parts here (there's a regular oboe transcription too), and if your collection of music lovers happens to be a string quartet, you might find this string quartet version of the second movement more comfortable to play (especially if you are a violist).

You can also simply listen to the first movement, which is a palindrome, (it's called "Madam, in Eden I'm Adam") plus an additional "forward" pass; and you can listen here to the second movement, a setting of a traditional (though obscure) "Oseh Shalom" melody.

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