Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost Branches of the Bach Family Tree

It seems that since the discovery of P.D.Q. Bach by Peter Schickele, little attention has been paid to the more obscure members of the Bach family tree. It is interesting to note that these are the Bachs that went into professions outside of music. [updated for 2020]

A.B.D. Bach, graduate student
A.O.K. Bach, technician
A.O.L. Bach, e-mail pioneer
A.S.A.P. Bach, delivery service manager
A.T.M. Bach, banker
B.F.F. Bach, relationship counselor
B.L.T. Bach, short order cook
B.V.D. Bach, clothing manufacturer
C.D.C. Bach, infectious disease specialist
C.E.O. Bach, business leader
C.I.A. Bach, classified information specialist
C.N.N. Bach, media specialist
C.P.A. Bach, accountant
C.S.I. Bach, law enforcement officer
C.S.S. Bach, web designer
C.T.A. Bach, Chicago-based transportation specialist
D.D.S. Bach, dentist
D.N.A. Bach, geneticist
D.N.C. Bach, politician
D.S.M. Bach, psychiatrist
D.U.I. Bach, currently unemployed
E.N.T. Bach, family practice
E.S.P. Bach, psychic
E.T.A. Bach, air traffic controller
F.A.X. Bach, document transfer expert
F.B.I. Bach, private detective
F.T.D. Bach, florist
F.T.P. Bach, information system specialist
G.I.F. Bach, graphic artist
G.M.O. Bach, genetic engineer
H.M.S. Bach, British naval officer
H.T.M.L. Bach, computer linguist
I.G.A. Bach, grocer
i.O.S. Bach, media visionary
I.P.O. Bach, stockbroker
I.R.S. Bach, tax collector
I.R.T. Bach, New York City-based transportation specialist
I.T. Bach, information specialist
J.P.G. Bach, graphic artist
L.A.X. Bach, air traffic controller
L.O.L. Bach, comedian
M.G. Bach, race car driver
M.I.A. Bach, whereabouts unknown
M.I.T. Bach, engineer
M.T.A. Bach, Boston-based transportation specialist
M.R.I. Bach, medical technician
M.S.W. Bach, social worker
N.B.A. Bach, professional athlete
N.F.L. Bach, professional athlete
N.B.C. Bach, media specialist
N.E.A. Bach, arts advocate
N.E.H. Bach, humanities scholar
N.Y.T. Bach, journalist
O.E.D. Bach, reference librarian
O.M.G. Bach, cultural critic
O.T.B. Bach, works in the "gaming" industry
O.U.T. Bach, Australian explorer
P.B.S. Bach, media specialist
P.H.D. Bach, college professor
P.D.F. Bach, document transfer specialist
P.P.E. Bach, health care equipment manufacturer
P.V.C. Bach, plumbing supplier
R.N.A. Bach, geneticist
R.N.C. Bach, politician
S.N.L. Bach, television writer
S.M.S. Bach, messenger
T.L.C. Bach, nurse
T.M.C. Bach, film expert
T.N.T. Bach, explosives expert
T.W.A. Bach, retired pilot
U.F.O. Bach, amateur astronomer/astrophysicist
U.P.S. Bach, delivery service manager
U.S.B. Bach, connectivity expert
V.F.W. Bach, retired soldier
W.P.A. Bach, public servant
W.S.J. Bach, journalist
W.T.F. Bach, cultural critic

(You can blame this caprice on Michael for starting me on this path with E.S.P. and C.P.A.)


Michael Leddy said...

L.S.D. Bach, color analyst

Anonymous said...

BFD Bach, layabout
REM Bach, sleep analyst

ksh said...

R.N.R. Bach, hotel concierge

ksh said...

R.N. Bach, nurse

ksh said...

N.P.R. Bach, radio host