Friday, December 12, 2008

Dowdy Song Contest

In these dark days of winter there is really nothing quite as snug as a dowdy song. Let's see what we can find on line to share during the sweatpants and slippers days when we all turn a little bit inward and enjoy the comforts of home, when we can. Please feel free to grab a cup of cocoa and indulge.

My entry is part B of Charles Ives' "Memories." I think that the Ives song is even more homely than Moreland's My Mother's Old Red Shawl, (which Ives makes reference to in his song) particularly when sung in this lively arrangement by Shirley Thoms

. . . and the list begins:

Richard Tauber singing Love's Old Sweet Song from Michael.


Michael Leddy said...

Still to us at twilight comes love's old song, comes Love's Old Sweet Song.

Elaine Fine said...

Thank you Michael! This one is going on the front of the post.