Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unusual musical associations

I loved Harold and the Purple Crayon when I was a kid. I especially loved it because my father used to practice Berlioz's Harold in Italy a lot during the time that I first discovered Crockett Johnson's books about Harold's adventures. I imagined (actually I just knew) that the piece was about one of Harold's adventures with his purple crayon. The validity of my association might have been reinforced by some reference I might have heard to the Childe Harold. Of course Harold was a child. And he had a purple crayon with which he could draw the covers and go to sleep.


Tom Myron said...


Elaine Fine said...

Would you believe that it was while looking at your "name that tune" post of Harold that I remembered my childhood association? Yup.

Tom Myron said...

Way to make my day! Harold, Harold & Hector Esq. are all big around here.