Saturday, March 01, 2008

Uncle Aaron

My grandmother kept magazines like this April 30, 1945 Life magazine on her coffee table. The dashing man on the cover is her brother, my great-uncle Aaron Bohrod. Everyone in the family liked the fact that I happened to be born on April 30, though it was 19 years later, in 1959. Uncle Aaron was one of a handful of army artists who were asked to make paintings of what they saw in Europe during WWII for this issue of Life.

Matthew Guerrieri's recent look at Time (the magazine cover, that is) prompted me to search for Uncle Aaron to see if any of his covers for that magazine were on line, and I found two with musical associations:

You can read more about Aaron Bohrod (and see more of his work) here, here,, here, here,
and you can read an interview with him here.


Becky said...

Aaron Bohrod is MY great uncle, too!

He was my maternal grandfather's brother. (My mom is Roberta Bohrod.) I was reading up on the WPA and looking at Uncle Aaron's work on line when an image led me to your blog!
I'm wondering how WE are related.

An interesting note: My daughter, in her sophomore year at the Thornton School of Music at USC, is also a singer/songwriter. Wonders never cease.

Elaine Fine said...

So your material grandfather must be Milton Bohrod. My maternal grandmother is Anne. Let's see . . . your mother and my mother are first cousins (your mother must be "Bobbie," right?), and you would be my mother's second cousin, so I imagine that you and I would be third cousins.

By the way I used to live in Brookline--at 61 Atherton Road.

Unknown said...

Hi Elaine,

I just found your blog. Aaron is also my great uncle. My paternal grandfather was Milton and my dad was John Bohrod. I know Becky (my first cousin) but I haven't seen her in a long time. You must be my third cousin as well. I live in the Minneapolis area. I will read your blog with interest but I would also like to meet you some day, if possible. I guess the internet is good for making these connections.