Friday, August 31, 2007

Practicing thoughts for the day

"Today while practicing some new repertoire, a new dimension of understanding concerning breath support opened to me. I realized I must love each and every single note which is sung while giving each and every note the room it needs to be comfortably and fully expressed. There can be no skimming over any note or combination of notes, there can be no notes which are more important than others. Each note must be allowed its full place and be offered, yes, full support according to its individual needs.

I can think of lots of parallels to everyday life, the most obvious being people. There is room for everybody on the planet (that includes all singers - there is indeed room for each and every singer and artist) and each person must have space and, ideally, room to grow and fulfill their personal potential. And it seems to me, no other person can give us that space because it is an internal one which we must make or take for ourselves. Support yourself and you can support the voice."
Wise words from Michelle Bennett

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